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Silver Gun

Author: Elaine Viets

Categories: Mystery Short Stories

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


A Deal With the Devil is the first collection of short stories by one of today s favorite writers of mystery novels and short stories. The stories in A Deal With the Devils show how even the most mundane things can lead to a whirl of mystery a randy husband, a bingo game on a cruise liner, an ugly bridesmaid dress, a husband jogging with a startlingly beautiful trainer (a dangerous situation at the best of times), and Satan ready to take over people s lives. Viets is the creator of several popular detectives reporter Francesca Vierling, Dead-End Jobs worker Helen Hawthorne, Death Investigator Angela Richman, and Mystery Shopper Josie Marcus. This collection includes two stories in the Dead-End Jobs series and one each about Francesca Vierling and Angela Richman. Two of the stories received Best Short Story Mystery Awards, the Anthony for Red Meat, and the Agatha for Wedding Knife. Introduction and prefaces to each story by the author and including a complete Elaine Viets bibliography. Cover design by Gail Cross.


Deal with the Devil and 13 Short Stories

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