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Silver Gun

Author: Dennis Royer

Categories: Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


I did terrible things that weighed heavily on me. Faces of the dead haunted my dreams. Redemption hadn’t come yet to rescue me from my guilt. It demanded more.

Twenty-year-old Sing is on the run from what remains of the Heralds, a covert organization he revealed to the world and brought down. He and his younger brother, Jacko, travel the country, never staying too long in any one place for fear they might be discovered. Low on cash, Sing is forced to surface and seek help from an old mentor.

Pursuers immediately set upon him. They ransack his mentor’s home and eventually escalate into murder. Sing’s best friend tries to convince him that these incidents have nothing to do with the Heralds. If true, then who is after him and why?

An opportunity arises where Sing can use his skills in a meaningful way to begin his rehabilitation. He becomes involved with his mentor’s beautiful niece, Alice, but knows he can never keep her safe until he roots out his hunters and destroys them. All Sing wants is a chance at a normal, peaceful life. He might succeed. If he is smart enough.


Smart Enough - The Story of Sing #2

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