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Silver Gun

Author: Bill and Teresa Peschel

Categories: Reference

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


As a storyteller, you know a lot about developing your plot, creating characters, and editing your work. But do you know how to protect your copyright, record your income and expenses, the risks and rewards between “going wide” and sticking with Kindle Unlimited, and how to market your work?


Have you thought about what tasks you should outsource and what you can do in-house?


Running your own business successfully means understanding the business mindset, where cash flow is the life blood and decisions you make at the start of your career will affect everything that follows.


“Career Indie Author” charts the landscape of indie publishing in the 21st century, where you set the rules and choose your path to publishing.


“Career Indie Author” will show you:


• With our one-page business plan, develop what you want to write, what help you need, how much money you’ll spend, and your timetable for success.


• The factors that go into a successful book.


• Why pen names are vital to your marketing and branding.


• How to track income, expenses, and book sales.


• What you must have (a web site, an Amazon Author Page) and what is optional (social media) and what to avoid (Hollywood services).


• The basics of marketing your books, using advertising, price discounting, mailing lists, and newsletters, including sample campaigns by indie and traditional authors.


• The basics of launching a newsletter / readers’ group and mailing list services.


• The basics of sharing your message on social media.


• Where to learn more about improving your writing and marketing your books.


• The risks of working too hard, neglecting your health, and giving in to distractions.


Developed from the lessons learned over the decade Bill and Teresa Peschel have operated Peschel Press, “Career Indie Author” can help you decide these important questions before you spend your first dollar.


Career Indie Author

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