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Silver Gun

Author: David Cairns

Categories: Historical Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


In 1853, Australia was rocked by the robbery of £6,000 of gold from an escorted shipment on a country road heading from the McIvor gold fields to Melbourne, Within days, 400 men were searching the bush for the audacious bushrangers who numbered between 6 and 15 depending on who was telling the story. Despite aboriginal trackers and extensive searches, they could not be found. The full weight of the constabulary was thrown behind the case and a round up of possible suspects began. The leader was a man by the name of Joe Grey. He disappeared and was never heard of again. Or was he? The ship that some of the bushrangers intended to use to escape to London left Melbourne and was never seen again. Mystery upon mystery. And then there is the involvement of one of Australia's most famous bushrangers, Frank Gardiner. This is a fast-paced story of a daring robbery in the lawless times of the Victorian gold rush and what happened next.

Bushranger Gold: The McIvor Gold Escort Robbery

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