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Silver Gun

Author: Nancy Hughes

Categories: Historical Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Two years after Kingsley and Todd Henning recovered their kidnapped infant, they are enjoying their country existence. Everything changes when criminals initiate a criminal enterprise on the farmland adjacent to the Henning’s. Angered by late-night operations, zoning violations, and a violent foreman, the Hennings launch an investigation.


Confrontations escalate. The criminal bosses attempt to buy, scare, terrorize, and kill the Hennings, whose sleuthing threatens their lucrative operation. Risking their lives, the Hennings expose the true nature of the enterprise. They realize that every close call has been thwarted by unexplainable circumstances. They suspect that their house, as rumored, is haunted by a spirit with an agenda of its own.

Two crimes, one location, separated by two centuries. The question that binds them—what is buried beneath?

Buried Trust: A Trust Mystery

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