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Silver Gun

Author: Gigi Pandian

Categories: Cozy Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


When historian Jaya Jones receives a mysterious package containing a jewel-encrusted artifact sent by a murdered man, she discovers the secrets of a lost Indian treasure may be hidden in a Scottish legend. Can Jaya figure out which of the scholars vying for her affections might be the love of her life—and which one is a killer?


From San Francisco to the Highlands of Scotland, Jaya must evade a shadowy stalker as she follows hints from the hastily scrawled note to a remote archaeological dig. Helping her decipher the cryptic clues are her stage magician best friend, a devastatingly handsome art historian with something to hide, and a charming archaeologist running for his life. Jaya must figure out who to trust if she wants to solve the riddle, find the treasure, and make it out of Scotland alive.


Artifact - A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery 1

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