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Silver Gun

Author: John Vaszko

Categories: Local Books

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Book Type: Paperback


It was just to be a winter vacation for the members of the Three Studs Construction Company. The construction business had been very good in the town of Somerset, Pennsylvania, and they were going to Cancun, Mexico, for a few weeks of sun and fun. Last year's vacation fiasco had the three of them almost thrown off the island of Aruba-but that was behind them, now. (How were they to know the man being chased on the beach yelling for help was the thief and the man they tackled was the policeman?) This year they would be more careful . Meanwhile, Andrew, an Archeologist studying the Mayan ruins just North of Cancun, had a serious problem. As fast as he discovered priceless artifacts during his digs, they were systematically ripped off by the local police. All his significant Mayan treasures had been confiscated by corrupt officials and sold to the leader of the Mexican underworld in Mexico City. Andrew was tired of his work being stolen from him. One day, after a major hurricane, Andrew came across a Mayan burial chamber. There, he discovered a rare gold medallion encrusted with precious gems. This time Andrew was going to find a way to hold onto his treasure. Later, while pondering his dilemma in a local Cancun bar, he met up with old acquaintenances from his home town of Somerset. Being old friends and full of Mexican beer, The Three Studs agree to help Andrew transport his medallion out of the country. The Mexican mobsters, however, follow The Three Studs back to their hometown where they will stop at nothing, including murder, to steal this rare, gem-studded treasure. What takes place when they get back to the Inn will keep readers turning the pages! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John was born in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. A graduate of the State University of New York at Oswego, John spent the next forty years in Rockville, Maryland, working in the field of Education. John currently lives in Maryland with his wife Susan. This is the author's first publication

A Mystery at The Inn

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