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Silver Gun

Author: Alice Adler

Categories: Tradtional Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Lily Parks has found her dream job as personal assistant to one of America’s premier mystery writers. Penelope Walters, whose delicate appearance hides a formidable personality, enjoys both fame and fortune with her books. Unfortunately for her, the closely guarded secret behind the success of her writing career is about to be revealed - and Penelope means to stop it dead in its tracks.


The only thing dead, however, is the reporter who’d threatened to unmask her resources. When the local chief of police hears of Penelope’s threats to the reporter, he arrests her without further delay.


Lily, however, is determined to clear her employer’s name, enlisting the help of the local grocer’s son, handsome Mick O’Leary. Together they begin digging into the reporter’s past, looking for another reason that could explain his murder. As they begin getting uncomfortably near the truth, Mick and Lily find themselves in the position of becoming the next two victims of a mad man who’ll do anything to keep a secret, even kill again…

A Murder Most Newsworthy - A Murder Most Cozy Mystery #1

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