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Live Vodcast with Author Tom Mead


We would like to thank author Bill Peschel for coming into our shop today in order to do our first ever LIVE version of Mechanicsburg Mystery Presents...


This afternoon, we were delighted to have the host for our vodcast, Bill Peschel, stop on by our shop to help us say "hello" to Mr. Tom Mead from across the pond. His locked room mystery series centers around a retired music hall magician who ends up helping the police in solving the heinous crime. There are two books in this series thus far, with a third one being released this year.

Death in the Conjuror is a dialogue heavy novel with a great sense of deep research and understanding of magic to help bring an established aura of authenticity to this series. Being inspired by Agatha Christie's style, during what is considered the Golden Age of Mysteries, Mr. Mead also enjoys pulling tidbits from John Dickson Carr to put together a mystery puzzle for the reader to play along, just like in a magic show. And, of course, no magician amateur detective could be discussed without mentioning the Great Harry Houdini. He had been known for utilizing his magic in both entertainment and for debunking fraudulent psychics, as well as for proving the falsehood of their illusions from the great beyond. Not only that, but his name is memorable, giving the author a good reason to treat the names of his characters with great care and thought. (Because when it comes to show business, a name can help make or break)

The talk went over various different authors from the past, who have all contributed to the mystery genre from a different angle, but all with one major key element they strove for in their novels; entertainment. Real clues, strong characters, and well devised plots, are a few of the ingredients when mixing up a freshly baked new idea for a mystery. But entertainment is equally as important and was something writers such as Ellery Queen, and the above mentioned, were skilled at doing in shorter books. Challenging the reader's mind is one of the aspects Mr. Mead wanted to include in his own novels, paying homage to those who came before.

The Murder Wheel is the second installment, and it will be followed up by Cabaret Macabre later this year. For more on the author, you can check out his website.

Thank you for reading and we will be back this Spring with more events. #podcast #vodcast #josephspector #magician #readers #mystery #tommead #author #mysterybook


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