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8th Annual Murder Mystery Conference

Class Picture for 2019 “Murder As You Like It”

Back Row left to right: Bill Peschel, Greer Macallister, Dennis Royer, Robert Walton, Richard Kisielewski, Tj O’Connor and Don Helin

Front Row left to right: Sheryl C. D. Ickes, Christine Trent, Eileen Haavick McIntire, Bernard Schaffer, John Gilstrap, Dick Belsky and David Reichenbaugh


We had a great time hosting our 8th Annual Murder Mystery Conference at the Mount Olivet Church with a wide range of genres represented through our four different panels. Ten authors participated as our panelists with three others are moderators and one author as our Master of Ceremonies and Read Dating Ring Master. This all day event began around 9:30 am and extended till 3 pm in the afternoon with books flying off the shelves and the authors getting questioned to death by our customers. They were so thrilled to see and interact with such an engaged audience that we received many compliments by the authors on how it was amazing to talk with such interested people in our great community.

To start the event off, we had our panels talk on different subjects ranging from publishing to research to the writing process.


Panel “There’s a Mystery for Everyone” - Moderator/Author Robert Walton - Panelists Sheryl C. D. Ickes, Richard Kisielewski and Christine Trent

Panel “Before the Book - Part II” - Dick Belsky and Tj O’Connor

Panel “Researching the Perfect Crime” - Moderator/Author Don Helin - Panelists John Gilstrap, Greer Macallister and Bernard Schaffer

Panel “Fiction vs Non-Fiction” - Moderator/Author Dennis Royer - Panelists Eileen Haavick McIntire and David Reichenbaugh


One of our favorite part of the event, called Read Dating took place toward the afternoon where our authors would move around to the different tables to discuss about their books and to answer any questions that anyone wanted to ask the authors one on one.

“Read Dating” with Bob Walton

"Read Dating" with Christine Trent

"Read Dating" with Bernard Schaffer

"Read Dating" with Greer Macallister

"Read Dating" with Eileen Haavik McIntire

“Read Dating” with David Reichenbaugh

"Read Dating" with Dick Belsky

"Read Dating" with Don Helin

"Read Dating" with Sheryl C. D. Ickes

Photos courtesy of Barbara Fellencer.

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