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  • Mechanicsburg Mystery Presents... | Mech Mystery Bkshop

    His Books June 2020 Episode #2 Video Purchase His Books July 2020 Episode #3 - A Conversation with Kari Bov é e Kari Bov é e: Episode #3 Video Purchase Her Books Episode #4 Video August Links ​ To order a copy of Careless Love :

  • About Us | Mech Mystery Bkshop

    For 30 years, our bookshop has been here to help our community continue to pursue a love of reading. We love to introduce customers to new and exciting authors every day and provide events for the community

  • Traveling Books - Mech Mystery Bkshop

    Caroline’s quest: to scatter Juliet “Lettie” Browning’s ashes in the city she loved and to unlock the For Juliet, it’s poignant memories and a chance to reconnect with Leonardo Da Rossi, the man she loves Moved by Adi, the widower of one of the victims ― his certainty that his wife and sister did not commit Paris In the wake of The Great War, the city of Paris unites in jubilant celebration at the arrival of

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