Reopening Procedure 

We are pleased to announce that Cumberland County has been moved to “Yellow” status and we will reopen the shop, but in a different way for the time being, on May 27. You have two options:

  1. “Drive-by” Service


Call or email us and tell us what books you would like. If we have the book(s) in stock we’ll provide them to you during shop hours…just let us know when you’ll be stopping by. If we have the book(s) in used, we will substitute it/those if you would like us to do that. If we don’t have the book(s) in stock we are happy to special order them for you. Then, choose a time when you can come by for your order. You can pay for your order with cash or credit card outside the front doors of the shop when you come by.

    2. By Appointment


We will also open for customers by appointment only starting May 27. Since only Sherry and I work in the shop, we will need time to disinfect between appointments. So appointments will be kept to 45 minutes to allow us to accomplish that task. We will require customers to wear masks and keep “social distance” while in the shop. And, the doors will be locked until your appointment to avoid unknown persons from stopping in during your appointment time.


This is going to be weird for all of us. But I hope you will bear with us and understand the efforts we are making to keep your stop or visit safe.


We are hoping to be able to begin having our monthly groups, starting with Book Discussion Groups, in July. The groups are small enough that it should be easy to “social distance”…we’ll keep you up-to-date with that information as well as our other groups…Stitch-n-Bitch and Friday Night Knitters. We hope to start those groups up again in August.


Thank you so much for your patience and patronage.

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