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Silver Gun

Author: Emily Organ

Categories: Cozy/Traditional

Condition: New

Book Type:  Trade Paperback


Armed with handbags and fuelled by cake, senior sleuths Annabel Churchill and Doris Pemberley are about to give the sleepy English village of Compton Poppleford a rude awakening.

*** Shortlisted for the UK Kindle Storyteller Award 2019 ***

No one has made more enemies than the local busybody, Mrs Furzgate, but when she suffers a fatal fall at Piddleton Hotel everyone assumes it was an accident. Churchill and Pemberley suspect murder and are soon on the case. But is it possible they’ll upset even more people than Mrs Furzgate managed to?

With the subtlety of two bulls in a china shop, the detective duo employ unconventional sleuthing techniques. What appears to be a shortcoming is actually a skill: being consistently underestimated enables them to spring a clever surprise.

Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel - Churchill and Pemberley Cozy Mystery Series #1

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