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Silver Gun

Author: Mark Podvia

Categories: Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


Maria Steinnecke, a wealthy spinster, died in the central Pennsylvania borough of Carlisle on January 28, 1869. At first her death was not considered suspicious. That changed when her doctor, Paul Schoeppe, presented a will in his handwriting; it said she had left her entire estate to him. Soon afterwards, an autopsy performed on Miss Steinnecke revealed traces of Prussic Acid, a deadly poison. Thus began the murder case of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Paul Schoeppe, an event that brought national and international attention to Carlisle. Found guilty, Dr. Schoeppe would come within days of his execution before the efforts of America's physicians and the German-American community combined to force a second trial that ultimately freed him. Exciting events at the time, the two trials of Dr. Schoeppe forever changed the way that medical evidence was presented and appeals were conducted in criminal cases.

The Strange Case of Dr. Paul Schoeppe

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