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Silver Gun

Author: J.T. Kunkel

Categories: Cozy Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Miranda Marquette relocates for the second time in three years, this time from Santa Clara, to forty miles south near Henry Coe State Park. On a trail run through the park one morning, she discovers the body of her neighbor, Burt Roop, whom she had just recently befriended.


The unfortunate label of “Princess of Death” has followed her into the countryside and she soon finds herself embroiled in the search for the real killer. The suspect list includes her live-in boyfriend, Jason, the victim’s wife, and a real life mysterious Indian Princess.


She enlists her friends Margo, Wanda, and Lyanne. They dub themselves WAIT (Wine as an Investigative Tool) Women’s Club.

Chaos In the Canyon - Miranda Marquette Mystery #5

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