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            author of the "90s Club mystery" series, knows one thing for sure. The Nancy Drew she loved reading about as a child would still be piling up clues like tricks in a bridge game at age 90. Nancy Drew inspired the "90s Club" series where Nancy Dickenson and her 90s Club cronies at Whisperwood Retirement Village are still on the job,

solving mysteries and saving lives—even their own. Her cozies

include The Secret of the Old Clock and The Whispering Statue.

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            has enjoyed a lengthy career in information technology as a

programmer and network administrator. He began writing novels in

2000 as an artistic release from the unforgiving logic of bits and bytes.

Dennis derives inspiration from his bucolic surroundings. His Perry

County novels center on rural lifestyle issues and include mountain

lions, rustic old inns, Native American culture, and buried treasure.

As a fan of speculative fiction, Dennis has written the popular,

post-apocalyptic saga, Earthburst (2012). His young-adult series,

The Story of Sing, details the account of a young man who rises from

impoverished circumstances to become a bodyguard to entertainment

celebrities and includes: Fast Enough (2014), Smart Enough (2015),

Tough Enough (2016), and concludes with Brave Enough (2017).

By popular demand, Dennis is writing a second set of "Perry County"

novels with the release of Flash Friends (2017) and Ripples

in the Night (2019).

            Moderator - Dennis Royer

            Author - Eileen Haavick


            Fiction vs Non-Fiction Panel



            Which is harder…making up the details for a murder mystery…

or reporting on the actual details of a real event?

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            His passion for law enforcement started at a very early age

which led him to seek a degree in criminal justice. His career started

as a road Trooper and continued on as a criminal investigator,

undercover narcotics investigator, major violators supervisor,

homicide and high profile case investigator, and assisted in the

development of the intelligence unit of the MSP post 9/11.

David's experience and passion for law enforcement and protecting

the citizens along with his command attributes is what led him and

enabled him to be the on scene commander during the capture of the

beltway snipers. David is author of the book In Pursuit - The Hunt for

the Beltway Snipers.

            Author - David Reichenbaugh

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