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            writes about the media in his books from an extensive real-life

background: he was the Metropolitan Editor of the New York Post;

Managing Editor of the New York Daily News; News Editor of Star

Magazine; and also worked as a vice president and managing

editor for NBC digital news.

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            has been: a government agent living and working around the

world conducting investigations and anti-terrorism operations; senior

executive of a global risk mitigation firm that specialized in security

consulting and investigations in major criminal and civil investigations,

risk assessments, anti-terrorism, surveillance, kidnap/ransom services;

and, is currently an independent security consultant in Northern Virginia.

            Author - R. G. Belsky

            Author - Tj O’Connor

            Before the Book Part II Panel



Have you ever wondered what authors did before they started writing books? Many of them have had (and still have) very interesting careers. Our 2018 “Before the Book” event was one of the highest rated events of that year. Readers were fascinated and totally entertained by these two authors at that event. They have even more tales that they’ll share with us during this panel.

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