COVID-19 Update for Murder Conference  

Dear Customers…


It breaks my heart to have to give you this news, but I’ve decided we need to postpone Murder As You Like it until August 14, 2021. We had a full plate of wonderful authors who have never attended one of our conferences so I’m hoping they’ll join us next year. Several of them have already committed.


1. We aren't sure if this pandemic has peaked and despite what they say, neither are the powers

    that be. They all speak of a likely second wave and possibly a third if it follows the course of

    the 1918 Spanish flu. The second wave, if it occurs, could likely happen when things start to

    reopen which would probably hit right around the date of the conference.


2. There is no way I can ensure safe social distancing in the church hall, and I can't imagine

    having everyone wear masks to attend the event. With everyone handling each others’ books,

    microphones, table surfaces, etc. it's just not safe. And, don’t get me started on having to

    make sure the restrooms are wiped down every hour.


3. Many of my customers are older folks…just like me, and therefore are among the most

    vulnerable. I'm not sure they would want to or should attend.


4. According to our local District Attorney, operating in defiance of government orders makes

    those who do so technically criminals. As such, liability insurance would not pay claims if

    anything were to happen. And, depending upon the orders at that point, I could lose my license

    to operate if I go against those orders. I’d like to be around in November to celebrate the

    shop’s 30th anniversary.


5. The church likely will not allow us to use their venue for the above reason especially if they

    aren’t holding their own Sunday services. In any lawsuits, they would also be named.


As you can see, I’ve really thought a lot about this and have sought professional advice as well. And, again, it breaks my heart to cancel it. But, I don’t feel as though I have much choice at this point due to the reasons outlined above. While we are currently in the “Yellow” status, another rise in the number of cases could revert us back to “Red” status. There is considerable work and financial output in planning the conference, which we would lose if we would unfortunately revert back to “Red.” Also, we can only have a maximum of 25 people at a gathering so we don’t have the space to be able to social distance.


We have great faith that there will be future Murder As You Like It conferences where we can gather again to have a wonderful time with great mystery authors and fans.


We will be doing “drive-by” ordering and we are getting ready to be able to open by appointment. Information regarding our reopening is located on the homepage of this website.


Until we can see you again, please stay safe and well.




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