Write Your Own Epitaph Day Contest


            Yep... that's exactly what we mean! Seriously, there are  two "National Write Your Own Epitaph Day." One is April 6 and the other is November 2. While it may seem like a rather morbid event to celebrate, the day is "dedicated to the proposition that a forgettable gravestone is a fate worse than death." So we made it into a contest. Write up your Epitaph and email, drop it off or mail it to us by April 11. The best Epitaph will receive a $25 gift certificate for the shop.

Please email to mysterybooks@comcast.net or fill out the form below to submit online.

What is an Epitaph?

1 : an inscription on or at a tomb or a grave in memory of the one buried there

2 : a brief statement commemorating or epitomizing a deceased person or something past

Due April 11

Definition borrowed from https://www.merriam-webster.com

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